Project Thrive! A for-youth and by-youth wellness solution

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Thrive! Fellows & Supervisors are at the forefront of the flourishing movement

Shamiri was founded to build a future where young people, everywhere, can thrive! Project Thrive! is how we do this.

Through Project Thrive! young people (Thrive! Fellows) deliver mental health and wellness interventions to high school students.

Specifically, 18-to-24-year-old high - school youths are trained to deliver the Shamiri intervention to secondary school youths. They teach their near-peers to practise effective human functioning skills and to develop character strengths including a growth - mindset, practising gratitude, and taking value-aligned action

Mitchelle-Ngata Delivering Shamiri-Intervention to students at Ngenia High School
Thrive Fellow leading a session at Garden Estate Secondary School Shamiri Intervention

Thrive! Fellows: Young people at the forefront

Imagine if young people could be at the forefront of revolutionizing youth mental health?

That is what Thrive! Fellows do. They are at the base of our for-youth and by-youth caregiving model. They lead group sessions, they help youths receive additional help, and all after only 10 hours of training.

meet the thrive! fellows

Thrive! Stories

Get involved with Project Thrive! Become a Thrive! Fellow or a Thrive! Supervisor and build a future for all youths to thrive!

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