We are working for Africa's youth

Our mission is to develop, disseminate, and scale data-driven tools that improve the life outcomes of youths in Sub-SaharanAfrica and beyond. 

We are securing the future of Africa's youth

Shamiri Institute is a data-driven public benefit organization that uses cutting edge social science research and a deep contextual knowledge of the communities that we work with to build a future where young people can actualize their life potential. Shamiri means "thrive" in Kiswahili.

Because mental health prevents many young people from realizing their life outcomes, our current priority is to develop and implement tools that improve the mental health and wellbeing of Africa's youths.

Were were founded in 2018 at Harvard University by award-winning Kenyan entrepreneur Tom Osborn and rising global mental health researcher Katherine Venturo-Conerly.

Our current focus is expanding our impact across Africa because in a continent where half the population is 19 years or younger, our potential for impact is enormous.

Meet our Science Board and Advisors

Our Science Board consists of leading mental health and research experts from the leading research institutions across the world. Our Advisory Board is made of individuals with expertise in growing high-impact organizations

what brings shamirians together is our commitment to our shared our values, our mission, and our vision of the world that we hope to build.

Our Shared Values

Whoever they are and wherever they are from, Shamirians are committed to building a future where youths, anywhere, actualize their life potential. Our shared values provide us with a roadmap to shaping this future.

We are data-driven: Rigorous scientific research that honors the cultures of the communities where we work guides our decision-making.

We are a grassroots organization: We are a bottom-up and anti-colonial approach that lifts the communities that we serve.

We are clear and transparent: Decision-making is transparent and clearly communicated.

We are nimble: We adapt our processes and structure to new information and evolving priorities. We are not defined by our titles or job descriptions. All of us can make a cup of coffee.

We are growth-minded: We aspire more for ourselves and for our organization. We value passion, work ethic, commitment, and potential to experience and skills. We make mistakes and grow from them.

We collaborate: We take individual ownership and actively seek the contribution and input of other.

We work hard: We work hard for ourselves, for our team, and for Africa's youths in order to build the future that we want.