We provide young people with the tools to Thrive!

We are a data-driven organization that develops and implements low-cost, low-stigma mental health and wellness interventions to help young people, in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, thrive!

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giving young people a chance to thrive

Improving the mental health & wellbeing of Africa's young population

We develop and disseminate evidence-based interventions for young people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Youths thrive by improving their mental health, academic grades, and social relationships.

  • 1600+ adolescents in Kenya have participated in Project Thrive!
  • More than 4500 Kenyan youths have participated in our programs
  • 1400+ Project Thrive! sessions conducted in >10 schools across Kenya
  • 40% improvement in mental health, 14% improvement in peer relations, 3% improvement in academic grades
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What We Do
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For Youths. By Youths.

We are a youth-led organization working for young people. Our team consists of diverse, socially-driven development professionals, community mobilizers, and research scientists.

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re-imagining youth mental healthcare

Project Thrive!

Our Thrive! Fellows, trained youth lay-providers, are the foundation of our work. They deliver our Project Thrive! program to young people in school settings.

Thrive! Supervisors provide extra mental health support for students in our programs and, in some cases, refer young people to expert mental health care.

The Thrive! Network is our network of mental health experts with deep contextual and cultural knowledge. They act as our bridge with the healthcare system.


Who Benefits from Project Thrive!

Rather than targeting psychopathology, our flagship Project Thrive! program focuses on building positive character strengths shown to improve mental health and other aspects of wellbeing. Youths are taught about growth, gratitude, and value affirmations, and learn important problem-solving skills to help them navigate future difficulties. In this way, Project Thrive! helps equip at-risk youths in places without formal mental health care with the tools they need to overcome life's challenges.

let the numbers tell the story

Data with a Heart, Research with a Purpose

Our work is built on rigorous data and evidence from our own research studies. Read our Data Stories and experience how we are reimagining mental health care and education in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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Fun Fact: Shamiri means "thrive" in Kiswahili