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We provide young people in Sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond, with the tools that they need to improve their life outcomes

Improving the mental health & wellbeing of Africa's young population

We develop and disseminate evidence-based interventions for at-risk youths in Sub-Saharan Africa. By improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people, we provide them with a platform to succeed.

What We Do


1600+ adolescents

across Kenya have received our intervention and 4,500+ have participated in our screenings

1400+ sessions

conducted by our Thrive Fellows in more than 10 secondary schools across Kenya

40%+ improvement

in depression and anxiety symptoms reported by youths; 14% improvement in peer relations; 3% improvement in school grades


Our group-based intervention, Project Thrive, published in Behavior Therapy
Finding from our pilot randomized controlled trial that show that our intervention reduces depression and anxiety have now been published in the venerable clinical psychological publication, Behavior Therapy.
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Templeton awards Shamiri Institute, Kenyatta University and Harvard University $234,000 grant for Project Thrive!
Grant, which is part of the Templeton Foundation’s Global Innovations for Character Development program, will be used to conduct large-scale randomized controlled trials of Project Thrives across ten schools in Kenya from 2021.
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Our founder Tom Osborn, and Shamiri Institute, featured on Harvard Gazzette
In a profile showcasing some of Harvard’s stellar graduates, our founder’s journey at Harvard and the work of Shamiri Institute was highlighted
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