Shamiri Supervisors

Shamiri Supervisors are our Clinical Supervisors. They recruit, train and provide clinical oversight to our Shamiri Fellows. When needed, they offer one-to-one psychotherapy and escalate cases to the Shamiri Expert network.

Shamiri Supervisors have some mental health background, be it a background in counseling psychology or clinical social work.

Shamiri Supervisors are employed in the communities in which they serve. We have trained and hired over one thousand Shamiri Supervisors to-date.
Shamiri Institute supervisors
Silvester Thindiu Shamiri Institute Supervisor

Meet Silvester Thindiu

Shamiri Supervisor since February 2023
University and Major: Egerton University, Nakuru, BA Psychology
Age: 26

How did you first hear about Shamiri Institute?

I heard about Shamiri from one of the mental health groups I’m in, I saw a job posting in November of 2022. I looked at the job description and what it entails and thought I would be a fit so I applied.

I was drawn to Shamiri Institute because I’m a psychologist by profession. I think the way we’re dealing with mental health is a new perspective and helps to bridge the gap of getting treatment.

What’s one thing that surprised you the most about Shamiri Institute?

I was surprised by the Shamiri Way. We were talking about new concepts that I was encountering for the first time. I wondered what it was going to be like implementing the project within four weeks in schools. When I went through the training around growth mindset, gratitude and values I thought it was amazing, as components I’ve thought about them individually but I’ve never considered them together the way Shamiri has done it. I’ve seen the results.

What’s something you wish for Kenyan youth?

I wish they’d know how much their experiences they went through as children affects them in their adult life and be able to find ways to live beyond these struggles. I grew up in Kayole, it’s almost a ghetto in Nairobi, it was intense. I look at my family structure and the difficulties that were there and all the aspirations that I had, I wondered if I would ever get there. I felt like in reality, those aspirations couldn’t be achieved. But I have achieved some already by working through my past. I really hope the youth are able to understand what is affecting them and how they can get help or do something for themselves where they’re able to overcome these challenges.

What are some of your aspirations?

Well, let me start by saying my mum had an illness and she would be hospitalized for months at a time. As the big brother I had to take care of my siblings. Sometimes I’d get angry because I was taking care of my family while my peers were playing. One thing I came to realize as I reflected on my journey is, the more I interacted with children, the more I felt connected with the core of who I am. It was one thing that gave me inspiration every day, that’s why I’m hoping to go into Child Psychology.