We are one of the most cost-effective mental health models out there.

We believe in impact at scale. That's why we've but a low-cost scalable model with clinically meaningful improvements that can reach scale.

Designed for results at scale.

We believe to close the treatment gap, we must design for scale. That is why we have developed and are scaling up the world's most cost-effective youth mental health model.

Youths Served

Since beginning operations in 2021, we have now served over 135k youths, ramping up our capacity to 100k/year in 2024. Our goal is to serve a 1m per year by 2027.

Group Therapy Sessions Completed

Alongside our partners, we have delivered low-touch therapy sessions to thousands of youth through our tiered caregiving model.

Providers Trained and Employed

Providers (Shamiri Fellows and Shamiri Supervisors) are recruited from, trained, and meaningfully employed in the communities in which they serve.

Schools Served

We work with high schools in underserved communities across Africa to deliver our mental health solutions.

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