Shamiri Hubs

We are scaling our impact through Shamiri Hubs and Shamiri Partners. Shamiri Hubs are semi-autonomous hubs run by a Hub Co-Ordinator that serve up to 20,000 youths per year. Each Hub hosts 10 Shamiri Supervisors and 100 Shamiri Fellows.

We currently have 6 hubs in Kenya (Dagoretti, Donholm, Gatundu, Githunguri, Kajiado, and Kiambu) and one in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
We are scaling our impact through Shamiri Hubs and Shamiri Partners. Shamiri Hubs are semi-autonomous hubs run by a Hub Co-Ordinator that serve up to 20,000 youths per year.

Meet Chrispinus Mistai, Gatundu Hub

Shamiri Hub Coordinator since 2023
University and Major: Kenyatta University, BA Counseling Psychology
Age: 25

How did you first hear about Shamiri Institute?

I learned about Shamiri Institute through my work in the Mental Health industry. I am passionate about making change through making mental health care services accessible and affordable. I sought to look into organizations whose mission and innovative approaches align with my goals. The Shamiri approach caught my attention, and I was drawn to learning more about their work in making mental health care services accessible to African youth.

What made you interested in working with Shamiri Institute?

I was drawn to Shamiri because of its mission and community caregiving model, which uses lay providers to provide mental health services. Shamiri has developed a template that can be duplicated globally, especially in areas lacking adequate mental health services resources. Being part of such an organization and its impactful work is fulfilling, and I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute positively to the mental health industry.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working with Shamiri Institute?

A surprising aspect of working with Shamiri is the dedication and collaboration among the different teams. A uniform passion exists for making a difference in the mental health industry; team members are committed to supporting each other, sharing ideas, and devising innovative approaches to tackle challenges. The spirit at Shamiri is inspiring, and the diverse team of members with different perspectives and expertise is fantastic. The team does not just show up for work as a routine, they show up to make an impact.

What are your ambitions for your career?

My career is focused on continuous development of my skills and goals. I aspire to be one of the trailblazers who develop practical, applicable, and inclusive mental health care services. I aim to contribute to research and advancement in counselling psychology, with the ultimate goal of developing African-centered approaches to complement the existing knowledge and improve the quality of mental health care in Africa.

What’s your hope or wish for Kenyan youth?

I look forward to seeing the Kenyan youths access quality education, personal growth opportunities, and professional growth and have a supportive environment to help express themselves and create. I wish they had access to affordable mental healthcare services, giving them a safe space to thrive mentally and emotionally. I hope for a society that promotes inclusivity and offers equal opportunities to the youths regardless of their background and circumstances. I wish for the youth in Kenya to lead fulfilling and successful lives, contributing positively to their communities and shaping a bright future for themselves and future generations.

How has mental health impacted your life?

I have come to learn the importance of self-care, resilience, and seeking support when faced with self-doubt, anxiety, and disappointments; how I handled these circumstances before and after, I now understand why it is crucial to practice healthy coping strategies.
My professional experience in the field has shaped my career path, igniting my passion for helping others. The field has given me a broader scope of the challenges people face and the importance of validating each person's experiences instead of comparing them to others. Through mental health, I must appreciate the impact of words and deliberate actions when engaging people. It has been a continuous journey of self-discovery, growth, and learning that has become an essential aspect of my life.