Shamiri institute team hands showing collaboration

Our Partners provide us with the platform to amplify our impact

We partner with mission and value - aligned local and international partners. Through these partnerships, we seek to scale our impact and reach a million youths in the coming years
Partner with us
Our partners include:
Community - based organizations
Research institutions and universities
Foundations and nonprofits
Private sector institutions

Here's what our partners say:

"We've worked with Shamiri to scale not only improve mental health but also literacy, innovation and citizenship in urban slums in Nairobi."
Doris Sommer founder of Cultural Agents Initiative
-Doris Sommer
Founder of Cultural Agents Initiative and Ira Jewell Williams, Jr., Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of African and African American Studies at Harvard University
"The work that Shamiri is doing to transform community mental health is remarkable. We are really glad to partner on this transformative work."
Prof. David Ndetei the founder of AMHRTF
- David Ndetei
Founding Director of the Africa Mental Health Research and Training Foundation and Professor of Psychiatry at University of Nairobi

Meet our partners:

Kenyatta University
Cultural agents
Harvard Innovation Labs
Harvard University