<$10 Cost Per Youth Served

We have always aimed to make mental health resources accessible and affordable for every youth. We are proud to share our progress in reducing the delivery cost per youth served.

Steady Decline in Costs

Our delivery cost per youth served has seen a steady decline. We have reduced the cost from $10 per youth to $7 per youth in 2024. Our goal is to further bring down this cost to $5 per youth by 2026.

A Cost-Effective Solution

According to our analysis, our intervention stands as the world’s most cost-effective solution for significant reductions in anxiety and depression.

An average of $48.52 is required to achieve clinically meaningful change, making our model at least 8 times cheaper than alternatives.

In terms of cost per "treated" student, we set an exemplary standard compared to other school-based mental health interventions.

These interventions typically range from $52 - $56,600 per person. We are committed to affordable mental health care.

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Research Informs Our Work

See below on how research guides us every step of the way:

Science can help us shape the future

The goal of our research is to develop interventions that can help youth actualize their life outcomes, identify which interventions work and why, and develop and test novel and accessible approaches to dissemination and scaling in order to maximize our impact.

Open science

Open science allows us to collaborate and share our work with the world. Our data and publications are open access.

Multicultural collaboration

Multicultural and interdisciplinary collaboration amplifies the communities that we serve.

Contextualized research

Research is not done in a silo. It is done with and for communities. Context matters.