We are young people   working for young people

Based in Nairobi, our youth-led team consists of diverse, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, development professionals, community mobilizers, and research scientists. What brings all Shamirians together is our collective commitment to our shared values and our belief in the future that we are building.

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What brings Shamirians together

Our values lead the way

Values are what matters to us. We believe that our work is meaningful and impactful when we are guided by a set of shared values and principles.

Tomorrow inspires us to take action today

Shamirians believe that we are building the future of mental health in Africa, for the world. That we can make tomorrow for everyone, inspires us to take action today.

Board of directors, science board, and advisors

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Shamiri Group Leader - Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa
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Course Instructor for Mental Health Diploma Program

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