We're a squad of young people shaping the future of mental health in Africa for the world.

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Our mission

Our mission is to develop, disseminate, and scale data-driven tools that improve the mental health outcomes of youths in Africa and beyond.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where youths, everywhere, can thrive and actualize their life potential.

A commitment to a values - based culture

Values are what matters to us. Values are principles and standards of behaviors that we think of as important. Science tells us that values promote human flourishing.
At Shamiri Institute, we adopt a values - based culture through which our mission of transforming mental health for all and our vision of the future that we are shaping manifests as we practice our values. 
this is the top Shamiri Institute team Tom Osborn, Davis Wachira, Chichi Ngatti Rediet Alemu, Hilda Nyareso, Sitephne Odhiambo
Shamiri Institute Programs Team, Ruth, Natalie And Veronica
Doris Sommer the pioneer of Pre-texts and Tom Osborn the CEO of Shamiri Institute
Shamiri Institute research team

Our values

Whoever they are and wherever they are from, Shamirians are committed to building a future where youths, anywhere, actualize their life potential. Our shared values provide us with a roadmap to shaping this future.
We are data-driven: Rigorous scientific research that honors the cultures of the communities where we work guides our decision-making.
We are growth-minded: We aspire more for ourselves and for our organization. We value passion, work ethic, commitment, and potential to experience and skills. We make mistakes and grow from them.
We are a grassroots organization: We are a bottom-up and anti-colonial approach that lifts the communities that we serve.
We collaborate: We take individual ownership and actively seek the contribution and input of others.
We are clear and transparent: Decision-making is transparent and clearly communicated.
We work hard: We work hard for ourselves, for our team, and for Africa's youths in order to build the future that we want.
We embrace fun: We make time for team-building activities across the organization and within our teams.
We are nimble: We adapt our processes and our structure to new information and evolving priorities.