We are launching a Coalition for Scaling Mental Health

Initiated by 4 organizations, the new coalition will be open to organizations committed to making mental health accessible for all

Introducing the Coalition for Scaling Mental Health: A Collaborative Initiative

We believe in the power of collective action to bring about change. That is why we are thrilled to announce our participation in an exciting new initiative: the Coalition for Scaling Mental Health (CSMH). The CSMH, initiated by four organizations, including the Shamiri Institute, with a shared goal of closing the mental health treatment gap worldwide.

Why a Coalition?

Despite significant strides in the field of global mental health, there remains a paucity of practical knowledge on optimal approaches for scaling effective interventions globally. Mental health problems continue to have a devastating impact on individuals, communities, and economies, particularly in low-resource settings. To address this, we must adopt strategies and interventions that are not only accessible to the communities that need them but are also tailored to individual and communal needs.

The CSMH is our response to this challenge. Drawing on our collective insights from over 25 years of experience in developing and scaling mental health caregiving models, we are committed to identifying, adopting, and scaling effective strategies that can bridge the treatment gap.

Who are the Members of CSMH?

The inception of CSMH was born out of a serendipitous encounter between the founders of four organizations: StrongMinds, Shamiri Institute, Ubuntu Center for Peace, and Friendship Bench. Each of these organizations works on the ground, delivering essential mental healthcare to some of the most marginalized groups on a daily basis.

We at Shamiri Institute, for example, train high-school graduates to deliver group-based therapy across Kenyan schools. Through this work, we've seen firsthand the power of proximal support and the importance of tailoring interventions to local contexts.

What are the Goals of the Coalition?

The coalition seeks to broaden the representation of diverse voices on the global stage of mental health and well-being implementation. We aim to foster the exchange of skills and resources among implementing organizations, champion the shared objective of democratizing mental health care for all, and elevate the voices of frontline implementers.

How will the Coalition Achieve its Goals?

To drive our principles and realize our objectives, we've devised a comprehensive three-pronged strategy:

  1. Advocacy and Dialogue: We'll advocate for systemic change through policy dialogue with governments and other key stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of integrating community-based mental health services into primary healthcare and educational settings.
  2. Research and Evidence: We'll deepen our understanding of the implementers' landscape, their metrics for success, and the support required to scale their interventions.
  3. Adopting a Common Measure: We're undertaking a rigorous process to develop or adapt a culturally inclusive measure for mental health and wellbeing. This measure will serve as a universal benchmark for assessing impact across diverse cultural contexts.

Join Us in this Endeavor

Our journey towards transforming mental health for all is only just beginning, but the strides that have been made underscore the potential for meaningful change. We believe that the proposed guiding principles and the multifaceted strategy that encompasses advocacy, research, and the adoption of common, standardized measures can reduce the treatment gap and revolutionize mental health support globally.

However, our success hinges on collective action. We invite individuals, policymakers, user groups, implementers, funders, and academics who share our vision to join us in this crucial endeavor. Together, we can bridge the treatment gap, democratize mental health care, and foster resilient, thriving communities worldwide.

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