Introducing our eight new implementing partners

Our big bet is that others can replicate our model. That is why we continue to scale by empowering other organizations to execute our model.

We are scaling through other Doers

Shamiri's mission is to scale our model through collaborations with community-based organizations, who we lovingly call our "Doers". As we expand our reach to serve 100,000 youths per year, we've embarked on an expedition to forge partnerships with organizations across various Kenyan counties.

This journey involved a series of discovery calls with potential partners to assess compatibility, shared goals, visions, and missions. We conducted virtual meetings to understand areas of convergence, made in-person office visits to strengthen relationships, and gained insights into the socio-economic, cultural, and mental health landscapes of different regions. Rigorous due diligence processes were carried out to ensure that the selected partners met our preparedness requirements. Contracting negotiations and virtual workshops were held to co-design program work plans. This intensive preparation phase spanned from September 2023 to February 2024.

In alignment with our core values of being a grassroots, data-driven organization that provides simple, culturally sensitive, and scientifically validated programs, we have chosen to collaborate with eight exceptional organizations. These partners will help implement the Shamiri program in six counties: Murang'a, Machakos, Homa Bay, Kisumu, Migori, and Kakamega.

Introducing Our Partners:

  • Youth Cafe: Based in Nairobi, Youth Cafe is a non-profit organization that convenes a vast and diverse community of professionals dedicated to youth advocacy, policy, and research for socio-economic and political impact. They'll be implementing our program in Murang'a County.
  • Africa Mental Health and Research Foundation: AMHRTF is a Nairobi-based NGO committed to mental and neurological health and substance-use research, with the aim of generating evidence for policy and best practice in providing affordable, accessible mental health services. They will carry out the Shamiri program in Machakos County.
  • Activate Action: A youth-led community-based organization in Homa Bay County, Activate Action works with vulnerable youths, including those living with HIV and disabilities. They will execute the Shamiri intervention in Homa Bay County.
  • Women Volunteers for Peace (WOVOP): WOVOP, a community-based organization led by young women in Kisumu County, supports girls and young women at risk through health promotion, peace, and security education within the Lake Region Economic Bloc of Kenya.
  • Tinada Youth Organization: Tinada is a non-profit organization based in Kisumu that enhances the holistic wellbeing of vulnerable youths through strategic partnerships in integrated mental health services, rights protection, decent work, economic growth, and disaster risk education. They will implement our program in Kisumu County.
  • Tunaweza Empowerment Organization (TEO): A youth-led non-profit in Migori County, TEO focuses on women's rights and youth empowerment across all ten sub-counties in Migori County. They will deliver the Shamiri program in Migori County.
  • Kenya Alliance for Rural Empowerment (KARE): Based in Kakamega, KARE empowers rural communities through various programs targeting women, children, and people of all ages. They will administer the Shamiri program in Kakamega County.
  • We Reach: We Reach, a community-based organization in Kakamega County, specializes in water and sanitation hygiene and has led WASH advocacy programs in multiple schools. They will implement the program in Kakamega County.

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