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We research, develop, and disseminate evidence-based interventions that provide youths with a path to securing important life outcomes.


Developing and dessiminating evidence-based solutions

We are both a research and implementation organization committed to ensuring that our solutions work and are feasible and cost-effective. Our approach is two-pronged. First, we research and develop practical solutions and ensure through robust scientific evidence that they work. Second, we disseminate our evidence-based solutions cost-effectively through local community-based partners.

Our outcomes and impact

Since 2018, we have tested and refined our interventions through rigorous randomized controlled clinical trials (RCTs) that have met the World Health Organization(WHO) and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) gold standards [perhaps add hyperlink to resource page]. Our results show:35% reduction in depression 39% reduction in anxiety. improvements in peer relationships 2.5% improvement in academic performance.
As of June 2020, we have conducted 400 sessions with 10 schools and 20 ThriveFellows. We have screened 4,500 adolescents in Kenya, of whom 1,500 have received our intervention. The youths who have received our intervention have reported reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms, and improvements in academic performance and interrelationships. They also said that it has helped expand their toolkits and provide them with a path towards success.