Combining research and implementation

We are both a research and implementation organization committed to ensuring that our solutions work and are feasible and cost-effective.

a two-pronged approach to succees

We start with data and research

The first step is research and development. We are committed to developing evidence-based interventions that provide youths with a path to securing important life outcomes. To do this, we conduct multi-year rigorous research to ensure that our interventions meet gold-standard field evaluations.

our interventions are designed to be scalable

We disseminate and scale for impact

The second step is dissemination and scale-up. We work with schools and other community-based partners to deliver our interventions as part of the local support and caregiving system. In 2021, we will train 25 new Thrive! Fellows who will deliver our intervention to 5,000 students across 20 schools. Through partnering with other impact-oriented education organizations, we will bring Thrive! Online—our digital adaption of Project Thrive!—to 200,000 Kenyan adolescents. In the coming years, we hope to scale up across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Global South.

  • We have tested and refined our intervention through RCTs that meet gold-standard WHO and ICJME requirements.
  • Our RCTs show that our intervention reduces depression by 35% and anxiety by 39%.  
  • Our interventions improve academic grades by 3% and peer relationships by 14%.
  • We are cost-effective. Our intervention is 6x cheaper than alternatives.
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