We are training the next generation of community caregivers

Thrive! Supervisors are youths in their twenties with minimal mental health experience. Across a two-year fellowship, we train and nurture the next generation of community caregivers

Thrive! supervisor are expanding access to mental healthcare

Bringing mental healthcare to their communities

Across a two-year transformative fellowship, Thrive! Supervisors not only learn to be community mental health workers, they also gain impactful hands-on experience through Project Thrive!

Who are Thrive! Supervisors

Thrive! Supervisors are the core of our three-tier caregiving model. They are young, energetic college graduates who want to make an impact in their world. Thrive! Supervisors support our Fellows, received rigorous training in mental health and counseling, work with youths who are navigating difficult circumstances, and work with expert clinicians to ensure that all youths get the care that they need. Above all, Thrive! Supervisors want to build an impactful career as community-focused mental health caregivers.

Why Become a Thrive! Supervisor

Counseling psychology training

All Supervisors go through an intense training and gain hours of hands-on experience managing Thrive! Fellows and providing personalized care to youths

Professional development & a two-year job

Supervisors receive professional development training and support from our team. They also get meaningful employment while at it

A launch board to a meaningful & impactful career

Supervisors can go on to launch  impactful careers in community mental health

We are hiring Thrive! Supervisors