Young people working for young people

Through the Thrive! Fellowship, young people aged 18-to-22 help build a future where other young people can realize their potential

a transformative fellowship for young people who want make a difference

Thrive! Fellows are young people shaping their future

The Thrive! Fellowship is a six-month long Fellowship for recent high school graduates who want to transform their communities. Thrive! Fellows lead Shamiri intervention sessions in schools and are the first part of our three-tier caregiving model.

Who are Thrive! Fellows

Thrive! Fellows are energetic and motivated team players. Thrive! Fellows are recent high-school graduates trained to deliver the Shamiri intervention as part of Project Thrive! Fellows do not have prior formal health training. Thrive! Fellows receive ten hours of training and weekly supervision. They lead the group-based intervention sessions within the schools. Prior research has shown that Thrive! Fellows are effective—thorough, skill-full, clear, and adherent to protocol—at delivering the Shamiri intervention.

Elements of the Thrive! Fellowship

Psychosocial & socio-emotional training

Thrive! Fellows receive training on psychosocial and socio-emotional support. They are trained on the Shamiri intervention and work closely with expert supervisors

Professional development & a stipend

Thrive! Fellows receive professional development training and support from our team. Fellows also receive a monthly stipend (out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed)

A life-long community of change-makers

Thrive! Fellows are change-makers. Fellows join a cohort of other change-makers and become part of a life-long community of young people who are changing the world.

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