Thrive! Fellows: reimagining youth mental healthcare

Thrive! Fellows are 18-to-22 year-old recent high school graduates at the forefront of our mental healthcare model

for youths. by youths.

Who are Thrive! Fellows?

Thrive! Fellows are recent high-school graduates trained to deliver the Shamiri intervention as part of Project Thrive! Fellows do not have prior formal health training. Thrive! Fellows receive ten hours of training and weekly supervision. They lead the group-based intervention sessions within the schools. Prior research has shown that Thrive! Fellows are effective—thorough, skill-full, clear, and adherent to protocol—at delivering the Shamiri intervention.

  • Project Thrive! is an evidence-based mental health intervention and delivery system
  • Project Thrive! includes the empirically supported Shamiri intervention delivered by Thrive! Fellows supported by Thrive! Supervisors
  • Project Thrive! integrates school-based delivery into a three-tier mental healthcare model
  • Project Thrive! is simple, scalable, stigma-free and school-based
equipped to succeed

How we train Thrive! Fellows

Didactics. Thrive! Fellows are trained on the intervention content and other important psychosocial skills.

Role-plays. Before they lead actual group sessions, Thrive! Fellows recieve hours of role-play experiences.

Community & Supervision. Thrive! Fellows lean on Thrive! Supervisors and other Thrive! Fellows for support.

what does it feel like to be at the forefront of mental healthcare

Thrive! Fellows Stories

Thrive! Fellows are recent high-school students, aged 18 to 22, who are trained on the Shamiri intervention and providing socio-emotional and wellbeing support. Read some of their experiences.

I greatly enjoyed my relationship the Shamiri Team and other Thrive! Fellows. They created a conducive environment where everyone felt accommodated and I felt that I could express myself without any fear. This was a rare valuable experience where I felt that I could say anything and be myself.

Thrive! Fellow 2019
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"I greatly enjoyed my relationship the Shamiri Team and other Thrive! Fellows"

Being a Thrive! Fellow was nothing short of amazing, I enjoyed myself and learned so much from it. Interacting with the students was such an amazing could get challenging ..but there was nothing we couldn’t solve as a team

Thrive! Fellow 2019
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"Being a Thrive! Fellow was nothing short of amazing, I enjoyed myself and learned so much from it"

Being a Thrive! Fellow has been a life-changing experience. Being a Thrive! Fellow allowed me to build my confidence when I needed it the most and for that, I'm eternally grateful. One of the most important things that I took away was the importance of validation when listening to other people's opinions and when expressing mine. This is something that I apply in my interactions until now.

Thrive! Fellow 2019
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" Working with Shamiri has been a life-changing experience"

My time at Shamiri as a Thrive! Fellow remains to be an experience worth recalling. The experience was not only amazing but also enabled me to realize that I could actually use the various topics (Values, virtues, gratitude, study skills, and growth) in real-life situations. This in turn has greatly helped me live inharmony with people, while study skills have helped a lot with my academic sector.

Denver Walter O.
Thrive! Fellow 2019
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"My time at Shamiri as a Thrive! Fellow remains to be an experience worth recalling"

Being a Thrive! Fellow and leading discussions on growth mindset, gratitude, and virtues made me abetter person in so many ways and helped me to deal with challenges in a better way than I used to before. I realized that incorporating a growth mindset could change a current situation of failure into success also it helped me develop in so many aspects of my life. That goes for virtues too. I learned that incorporating virtues such as kindness, hard working, and humility among others is essential in our day to day lives.

Thrive! Fellow 2019
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" I learned to be grateful for the little things in life"

Being a Thrive! Fellow is an amazing experience. I was surrounded by a vibrant and positive team. I enjoyed leading group discussions and managing logistics and operations for other Thrive! Fellows. This opportunity allowed me to grow personally and learn from the rest of the team. During my time as a Thrive! Fellow, I realized that I had more potential than I had imagined. Leading group sessions on growth, being grateful, and virtues made me realize that I could also incorporate this into my life. Now, when I face difficulties, I remind myself of some of the lessons and skills that we taught in the groups.

Benny Otieno
Thrive Fellow 2019
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"I realized that I could incorporate growth, gratitude, and virtues into my life"
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Fun Fact: Shamiri means "thrive" in Kiswahili