Institutionalizing mental health

With Thrive! Centers, we are embedding within the Kenyan school system our mental health interventions that improve student wellbeing, relationships, and academic grades

mental healthcare for youths by youths

What are Thrive! Centers

 Our four-week Project Thrive! Intervention already represents one hopeful tool with which Kenyan youths can improve their life outcomes, with demonstrated effects on clinical symptoms, academic performance, and a range of holistic character strengths and psychosocial variables. Institutionalizing permanent Thrive! Centers in schools will build on this successful program, providing a further opportunity to bring this tool -- and more -- to students’ toolkits through the annual ProjectThrive! program and follow-up sessions, access to our evidence-based mental health and de-stigmatization materials, and leadership opportunities in Thrive!Clubs and events. Students will also gain access to the expertise of Shamiri staff, as well as that of teachers from their own counseling departments who receive specialized Shamiri training. Conferences and events hosted by theCenter will further develop school- and community-wide awareness of the challenges that students face and solutions to overcome them.

  • We work with schools to embed Project Thrive! as develop as a resource for student mental health support
  • Once a year, we deliver Project Thrive! After that, students access support, toolkits etc., from Thrive! Centers
  • We provide ongoing support to students from our network of Fellows, Supervisors and mental health experts
  • Thrive! Centers are the first step towards integrating mental healthcare into the Kenyan education system
Fun Fact: Shamiri means "thrive" in Kiswahili