Our Open-Science Commitment

Emily Corrigan
Shamiri was founded on a simple vision: a world in which all youths, regardless of their circumstances, have the tools to realize their potential. While simple, this vision is ambitious, requiring the coordinated and well-informed efforts of people and organizations around the world. That’s why we have committed to the principle of open science, freely and openly sharing the tools, data, and publications that we have developed through our ongoing mental health and wellbeing work with youths in Kenya.

One goal of our open science practice is to make our proven holistic wellbeing intervention easily accessible to young individuals around the world who may directly benefit from it. With this goal in mind -- and in response to the challenges of mental healthcare delivery amidst the COVID-19 pandemic --  we have adapted the Shamiri intervention to a single user-friendly online session, Thrive! Online. The intervention, proven to reduce Kenyan youths’ depression symptoms, can now be accessed directly on our website by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. An exciting partnership with Zeraki, a digital learning solutions company in Kenya, will also help us reach hundreds of thousands of students with our digital content in 2021. 

An equally important goal of our commitment is to provide access to the rigorous research that drives our own operations to other scientists, community mobilizers, and policymakers. We hope that making our robust evidence base and real-world lessons from the field easily available can further inform efforts to improve life outcomes for young people, especially at-risk youths in low-income countries. To that end, our data API shares years of free field-study data on cost-effective and scalable youth mental health care. Our open-access policy briefs and peer-reviewed publications, covering topics from cultural appropriateness to detailed data collection methods, are also freely available on our Resources page. 

The path forward to a world of thriving youths can only be illuminated by shared efforts to shed light on effective solutions. We hope you will join us in our promise to promote open science within the mental health field by checking out our freely available resources, donating to help fund them, or sharing results and lessons from your own efforts.

About the Author
Emily holds a BA in History and a French language citation from Harvard University, with credit from the Université Catholique de l’Afrique Centrale and the Middlebury Language School in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Her background encompasses research, writing, and teaching experience in a broad range of international settings, including volunteering with the Armenian Volunteer Corps and the Peace Corps English Education Program in Nepal. She is the Operations Director at Shamiri Institute

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