The Shamiri Intervention,  a simple stigma-free intervention that promotes youth flourishing and mental health.

natalie mukami giving the shamiri intervention to students at  Ngenia High school

Developing character strengths

The Shamiri intervention is the first mental health solution that we built for youths. It develops youth character strengths to reduce mental health problems and improve overall wellbeing and functioning.

The Shamiri intervention consists of strategies that target core beliefs that young people have about themselves and their world to cause an upward spiral of positive believes, thoughts, and behavior.

All elements of the Shamiri intervention are derived from validated scientific principles that have been rigorously tested in gold-standard field trials.

About Limitless

A holistic intervention approach

The Shamiri intervention teaches youths to cultivate a growth mindset, to practice gratitude, and to take value - aligned action. Sessions are led by our Thrive! Fellows in school settings.

Four randomized controlled trials have shown that Shamiri significantly reduces youth mental health problems like depression and anxiety while improving social relationships, academic performance, school climate, and other functioning outcomes.

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The Shamiri Intervention taking place at Ngenia High School
Watch this video about the effectiveness of the Shamiri Intervention by Katherine Venturo-Conerly