Research Associate

Brenda Ochuku

Brenda is a certified Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Researcher. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Coventry University and a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Royal Holloway University of London. Brenda is a licensed member of the Kenya Psychological Association (KPA). She has extensive experience working with individuals with complex and enduring psychosocial issues ranging from substance abuse to mood and personality disorders. As a clinical psychologist practitioner at Mathari National Treatment and Referral Hospital, Brenda facilitated individual and group therapies, conducted psychological assessments and was involved in the training and supervision of over 50 psychology students. Prior to this, Brenda worked as an assistant psychologist at Addiction Recovery Community Hillingdon (ARCH) where she was involved in several efficacy and prevalence research studies. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys reading non-fiction books and watching movies, exercising, and socializing with friends at local restaurants. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness, particularly in underprivileged communities.

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