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Complementing standard western measures of depression with locally co-developed instruments: A cross-cultural study on the experiences of depression among the Luo in Kenya
Transcultural psychiatry
We developed and administered Luo Depression Questionnaire (LDQ-17) in a cross-sectional community survey (N = 116) and investigated its association with a standard Western instrument (Patient Health Questionnaire-9; PHQ-9).
Transforming mental health for all
British Medical Journal
WHO World Mental Health report describes avenues through which we can turbo charge a transformation to improve mental health for all. The recommendations are comprehensive but may benefit from more targeted guiding principles: mental health services must be affordable, personalised to an individual’s needs and circumstances, and integrated within existing systems of caregiving and community life.
Effect of Shamiri Layperson-Provided Intervention vs Study Skills Control Intervention for Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents in Kenya: A Randomized Clinical Trial
JAMA Psychiatry
In this randomized clinical trial of 413 high school students, Shamiri, a 4-week layperson-delivered group intervention that teaches growth mindset, gratitude, and value affirmation, appears to significantly reduce depression and anxiety symptoms in symptomatic adolescents compared with a control group, although both groups showed symptom reductions. Effects persisted at 7 months.

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