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Templeton awards Shamiri Institute, Kenyatta University and Harvard University $234,000 grant for Project Thrive!

September 21, 2020
Grant, which is part of the Templeton Foundation’s Global Innovations for Character Development program, will be used to conduct large-scale randomized controlled trials of Project Thrives across ten schools in Kenya from 2021.

We are glad to announce that Shamiri Institute, with its research and development collaboration partners Kenyatta University (Department of Psychology) and Harvard University (Department of Psychology), have been awarded a $234,000 grant to support Project Thrive!. The funding for the project—whose official title is “Shamiri: Improving Character Strengths, Wellness, Social Functioning and Academic Achievement in Kenyan High School Youths”—will be used to conduct a large-scale high-powered randomized control trial of our programming in at least 10 Kenyan schools from 2021. The study has three key objectives. First, to advance the science of character strength interventions. Second, to cultivate three key character strengths (gratitude, growth, and purpose). Third, to understand which interventions are suitable for further development and widespread dissemination.  

About the Global Innovations for Character Development initiative

Templeton World Charity Foundation’s Global Innovations for Character Development seeks to establish character development as a lever for social change, increased prosperity, and overall human flourishing. It envisions a world in which character strengths are recognized for their critical role in improving the lives of individuals and communities.

With grant-funded projects around the globe, GICD is a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote character strengths worldwide. Character strengths are learned and learnable attributes, virtues, skills, habits, or capabilities that enable individuals to lead better lives. Examples include compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, honesty, humility, and kindness.