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we are data-driven

Research informs our work

We are a data-driven organization. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that  research and science should inform our approach. Our interventions are data-driven and rigorously tested. Our approach to scaling is one that allows for data to refine our processes.


Data with a heart, research with a purpose


We believe in open science.

Open science allows us to collaborate and share our work with the world. Our data and publications are open access.

We believe in multicultural collaboration.

Multicultural and interdisciplinary collaboration amplifies the communities that we serve.

We believe in contextualized research.

Research is not done in a silo. It is done with and for communities. Context matters.
Thrive Fellow leading a session at Garden Estate Secondary School Shamiri Intervention
research helps us shape the future

Our science shapes the future

The goal of our research is to develop interventions that can help youth actualize their life outcomes, identify which interventions work and why, and develop and test novel and accessible approaches to dissemination and scaling in order to maximize our impact.