Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of research do you do?

We do human subjects research with adolescents, using mostly self-reported mental health and wellbeing measures.

How does research fit in with Shamiri’s program?

We always want to know if our program is working or not, and collecting data gives us evidence that what we are doing is effective.

What is the roll of the Programs team?

The programs team is involved in three main things:  recruitment and training of fellows and supervisors, clinical work, and developing protocols.

What skills do I need to be on the research team?

The most in-demand skills on the research team are quantitative data analysis, scientific writing, and attention to detail.

What are the biggest challenges when doing research in Kenya?

Using paper questionnaires is challenging because you cannot control the types of responses you receive. Also, data quality is an issue with a combination of human and software errors.

What role does the innovations team play at Shamiri Institute?

The role of the innovations team is ideating, testing, and implementing different solutions oriented around the formulation of partnerships, institutional sustainability, and the development of holistic approaches. The team is comprised of brilliant individuals with an array of skills that are leveraged toward moving Shamiri Institute into the future.

What are some of the skills required for a role in the Innovations team?

Among the skills crucial to the innovations team include (but are not limited to): business development, intervention design, proposal writing, partnership development, financial modelling, social media engagement, and multimedia development.